Hello Deventer!

Where do blogs come from? Some people just grow bored with what they’re doing and decide to kill some time with a new toy. Others may be looking for an outlet for their creative works or to say what’s boggling their mind. And a lot of people are simply looking to keep their friends and family updated on what’s going on.

I suppose Summer All The Time is a bit of all of those. But the main reason for founding this was the big step that I took today. As of today, I am officially renting my own apartment in Deventer. And I figured I’d show people some pictures of what it’s like.

Living room

Here’s the living room. This picture does a somewhat poor job of conveying the size of this room. Seriously, it’s pretty big. Also, it’s blue. I’ll get back to that later. Oh, and note the x2 room size multiplier from the mirrors. I should maybe have taken more pictures of the living room. It is pretty good room after all.


Kitchen. Not the biggest kitchen, really, but big enough to prepare my daily meals.


Bedroom, above the living room. Pretty roomy too, and lots of closet space. Also, I can sleep underneath a roof window and hear the rain while in bed. How much more comfy do you want to get?

Behind the closets

There’s also this area behind the closets where I can keep all kinds of random objects or annoying guests.

“But Lex,” you ask. “Your bedroom is above your living room. How, pray tell, are you going to get there?” With this of course!

Sexy staircase

Booyah! Awesome staircase inside my living room! Yeah, that’s right! I get to go upstairs using this bad boy! Not only does it provide a second story to my already pretty sweet house, it looks pretty sweet itself too. And it sounds exactly like it should: creaky, reminding you how awesome it is.

And if that’s not enough for you:

Emergency Ladder

Escape ladder! Takes you directly from a small room next to my bedroom to the hall and outside if the house is on fire or to the bathroom or living room if you feel like a badass and want to use a ladder.

All done admiring the pictures? Then let me get back to the blueness of the living room and what that means what it will look like in the future.

Suppose you want to have a bar in your living room, because you live there on your own and you have the space and you want to be able to invite guests over while having an awesome bar. Now suppose also you realize that you can put a beach bar  in there because it’s your own home and nobody else has any real authority to tell you not to. And suppose the color of the walls is screaming “you’re on a beach”. Would you design your living room to look like a beach club?

I would. And I will. This room is going to have beach chairs and beach tables. I’m going to put in a beach bar to serve cocktails from. And that’s just the start of it. It’s future talk, yes. The first few months may not even be close to it. But it’s a goal. It’s something to work towards to.

Because in my living room, I want it to be Summer All The Time.

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