I have never tried bug burgers

There are many reasons why one would eat bugs instead of regular kinds of meat. It’s healthier and more environmentally sustainable. With a kid underway, I feel responsible for making sure these two values are maintained.

So for May’s I Never, I agreed with our friend Heidi to try out bug burgers.


Heidi inspecting the burgers.  We had some friends over for the finals of the Songfestival (which were moderately disappointing), so don’t mind the mid-party mess.


Insecta burgers! Made with buffalo worms.


Preparation of our meal.


And the result!

The big question of course is: how was it?

Well, it wasn’t bad. From time to time, there was a crunchy bit, which caused me to pause and wonder whether I just chewed the head of a bug, but I managed to convince myself that wasn’t the case and made it through the entire burger.

When it comes to taste, there isn’t much to it. It was actually kind of bland. We decided to add some ketchup to make it more interesting. Someone should invent herb mixes for bugs.

But the biggest problem I have is the price. We paid 3 euros for 2 burgers, which is significantly higher than what we usually pay for our meat. Though I find environmental sustainability important, it needs to be financially sustainable for ourselves as well. This will not be a regular thing.

Now to hope Lena will allow me to kiss her again soon.

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