I have never made lemonade with sparkly water

This is one of those I Never posts that’s partially about something I never did before, but mostly about all kinds of things that are going on.

You see, for this I Never I originally planned to write about visiting the Deventer op Stelten festival. Deventer op Stelten (Deventer on stilts), being one of the largest events in Deventer, is one of the things I should attend at least once in my life. So, Lena and I planned to go there on Saturday a week ago. Medley was staying at Carolyn’s, so we were free to do as we pleased.

But before going to the event, we decided to grab a movie. We noticed a lot of good movies about to be released, so we both got a Vue Movie Pass, which means unlimited movies (as long as we can find a baby-sitter) and a discount on movie snacks (so come with us to the movies)! Anyway, we went to The Legend of Tarzan. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a major mistake, as it was one of the most boring experiences of our lives. Wouldn’t recommend at all.

So we left during the break. However, this left us with the problem that it was way too early to go to Deventer op Stelten. And, only a few days earlier, we got hooked on a new game: Stardew Valley.

So we decided to switch up our plans and do what we wanted to do most: enjoy an evening of gaming without having to deal with a crying baby all the time.

Which brings me to this simple I Never. Not a big experiment, but something I did wonder about for a while: what does lemonade taste like if made with sparkly water. The answer: not too special, but a refreshing change nonetheless. I’ll definitely try this with different flavors as well.

Anyway, that’s it for this month. Nothing huge, but I can’t only do huge projects.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my farm is waiting.

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