I have never hosted a Livescream

So, it’s now about 20 minutes after my first adventure of livestreaming games. That was something.

The past week, every time I would be reminded of my impending journey, I kind of looked forward to it. Sure, it was scary, but it was something I’d never done before and the idea of it was pretty cool.

Earlier today, while setting up the stream and watching Lena create an awesome banner (see above), the fun part was at its peak. It kind of made me feel like the professional streamers you see these days, which was very awesome. However, all good things must come to an end.

A few hours before the stream would start, joy turned to fear, as I was mentally preparing for all the jump-scares I would no doubt have to endure. This feeling peaked too, this time after the game started, before the game’s first serious scare (when opening the door where the dead (and dying) guards are.

At that moment, the bar for jump-scares was set and I was pretty sure what to expect. That’s not to say I didn’t have my share of jump-scares after that, but I could more easily shrug them off and continue the game. The game turned out to be somewhat predictable in terms of objectives and challenges, so continuing on was getting increasingly easy.

But still, in general, the experience was enjoyable for me and I hope my four viewers thought so too. I’m planning on continuing this series, but next time completely alone (due to our logistical situation, two people were watching my scream on the television right behind me). Also, after checking the recordings, we figured we should improve the audio quality, which is something to improve on. For those reasons, my next session will be quite a while later. You’ll hear more about that soon…

For now, if you missed it, check out the recordings of my very first Livescream.

1 thought on “I have never hosted a Livescream

  1. AvatarMartijn

    You’ve seen Chris, you’ve seen the priest, you’ve seen the twins (just keep drinking that beer, your liver will be worthless to them) and you’ve even had a glimpse of Mister Silky.

    It was great fun, love to see more.

    Greetz, T-Turtle


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