I have never biked through Deventer with Lena

Last Wednesday, we biked from our house to the Jumbo to buy some groceries.

That may sound like something really mundane, but it felt like such a huge thing. It strengthened the feeling of the life we’re heading towards: living together.

For the few people who have not been up to speed with our relationship, since the start of February this year, Lena has been practically living with me. It started with just her kittens the weekend before that, but that left her completely alone in her own house. Seeing how I was free from my regular job for the entirety of February, it felt logical that Lena would stay with me. And it never occurred to us that she would leave.

By now, Lena’s house is barely inhabitable. TV and Internet will be cut off soon and last weekend we picked up her furnace, fridge, drawer and her bike. Half-way through April, her rental contract will end and we will officially start living together.

To summarize how I feel about that: it’s awesome! Despite being used to more or less living on my own and being OK with it at the time, I cannot imagine ever wanting to live by myself again. It’s coming home to someone you love. It’s great waking up together with someone you love (even if that someone goes back to sleep once I head off to work). In general, it’s just more fun.

And Lena is a great help around the house. She often cooks and cleans way more often than I did (or do). And she has given the living room a complete make-over. The past two weeks, I have come home to completely different arrangements: huge improvements compared to what it was like earlier. The couches are set up to create a cozy seating area, while between that lounge part and the kitchen is a lot of room left for a bar, if we want.

In summary: everything is awesome and I’m happy. Thanks, Lena!

P.S. Lena has already managed to get a flat tire…

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