I have never attended an OK Go concert

And now I have. I would post some pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the show to take any.

I can fill some space with some rambling though. It’s sort of related to the concert, and some parts are related to I Never in general and I’ll try and combine them all into some form of coherent story.

Let’s start in Heerenveen, about one or two weeks ago. Lena, Willemieke (a friend of Lena) and I were running some errands in the city center when we were getting a bit hungry. Knowing I have never tried herring, Lena suggested to get some at a nearby fish vendor. She did get some at the fish vendor. And she bought some for me.

I didn’t eat it.

The reason behind this is that I have never tried it. And if I never tried it, it’s a candidate for I Never. When I first started I Never last year, I planned to do one entry a month. And when we were in Heerenveen (which was in January), I had already posted something for that month.

Later on, I realized that this is a perfect example of the rules restricting the purpose. The idea behind I Never was to do more things I had never done before, but in this case, I didn’t do something because of I Never.

So, time to change things around. I Never will no longer be restricted to one a month, even though I will keep the minimum of one a month. Expect to see more weird activities on here.

As a matter of fact, you are reading the first entry of the above list right now.

You see, in February, I had already planned an entry, of course having the topic of Hearth’s Warming Con.

Speaking of which, HWCon is getting very close. In a few days, the entire con will already be over. As a result, I have a lot to do. Luckily, I sort of anticipated that and took the necessary precautions by taking the entire month off from work. Even then, it was pretty rough, especially during the last week of January, but things have quieted down a bit.

Just a bit.

The last few days were filled with finalizing all the things. As always, a bunch of unexpected items crossed our paths, so we’ve definitely been busy.

But it’s coming to a close. Tomorrow, Lena and I will go to Melanie and Diederik where we will prepare the last items before the con starts on Friday. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also looking forward to the projects we have planned to pick up after it.

Of course, you’ll read more about it once it has actually taken place.

Which leaves me with just the concert to discuss. It was awesome. OK Go really knew how to put together a show and I would recommend it to just about anyone really. Or at least take a look at their clips.

I know this is kind of a chaotic way to end this post on, but we have things to do.

For anyone visiting Hearth’s Warming Con: See you there! And those of you who don’t, expect my next entry somewhere next week.

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