Maze Game Update – v2!

Hey all!

With some free time today and some help from Lena, I managed to churn out the next version of Maze Game! Click to check it out.

This version focuses on increasing the challenge of the game by no longer allowing you to see the entire maze at once. To compensate, a random set of walls is removed, so there is no longer just a single path between any two points.

As an aside, it baffles me how simple it is to achieve certain things in Godot. Having the camera follow the player turned out to be a piece of cake, with most of the challenge in this update lying in scaling the maze to work with the updated sprite. This makes participating in game jams seem a lot more realistic, so perhaps I’ll share some of that in the future as wel.

As for Maze Game, there’s a few different paths that I’m considering for the next update. However, I don’t want to spoil what I have planned, so you’ll have to wait and see what it’ll be.

Until then, happy mazing!

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