I have never planted a kitchen garden


With our trip to Turkey so recently, it was tricky to find an actual I Never subject for March. Lena and I are working on something, but we determined it wouldn’t be completed this month (and perhaps we’ll delay it until May (ooh, exciting!)).

So I had to improvise. Now, where we live, spring has come very definitively this past week, and our local supermarket The Albert Heijn has, like the previous two years, started giving out DIY fruits, vegetables and herbs. We haven’t gotten any of them yet this year, but we did have a dozen left over from last year, just sitting in the windowsill, waiting to be brought to life.

Today I finally took some time to plant them. Have some pictures!

Can’t do gardening without a glass of wine!

First steps. By now I realized it took very long for the dirt to dampen, and I was starting to doubt my methods.

Figured it would be better to continue at the kitchen counter. Lena came downstairs and thought I needed to have a picture with the wine.

I’ll spare you Lena’s comments on what this resembles.

Using Medley’s bottle to measure the amount of water needed for my dirt.

The result! Three times arugula, two broccoli and red beets, and one thyme, spinach, cress, basil and watermelon.

And now we wait… Check back later to follow my plants’ progress!

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