We have never had a relationship

Ladies and gentlemen, my precious followers. It’s with great joy that I can introduce my new blog fellow and other weird person. You know her as unnamed driver while going to Galacon or the girl dragging me to Walibi. Please welcome: Lena Poortvliet!

HI. I LOVE USING CAPS. I was gently forced to write stuff, so I wll try.Acutally I have no idea what so say so I’ll just cry. I like pink.


Yeah, we’re not very good at this.

We are super awkward. Just look at it.


Even the browser crashed while uploading this.

11.27 Awkward




4 thoughts on “We have never had a relationship

  1. AvatarMelanie

    This is a quality blog. In the universe, not that many things are for sure. But if one thing among all could ever be for sure, then it must be that deep, philosophical conversations will be held here. Right in and beneath this blog.

  2. AvatarLENALURI

    This is the most perfect blog of blogs and blogging blog blogs but blogs can’t blog to blog blogs. I don’t even know what I’m typing, but this blog is so bloglicious that I’m very confused with my own typing style. What? I don’t even!


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