Gotta Sketch ’em All

We did it! Over the course of the last 30 days, Lena and I drew a total of 151 different Pokémon! Like always, there were highs and there were lows, but I sure can look back at this project and say it was a good one. When looking back at day 1, all the way through to today, the quality of the pictures is somewhat improving. I also feel like learned a lot over the course of drawing. For example, I learned that most Pokémon have a total of three claws per leg. I also learned that for every Pokémon, there are at least 3 fan-made Mega evolutions (seriously, why?). And I think I’ve seen a real-life version of every single one as well. And, in the end, I think I learned some things to improve my drawing skills.

The Results

Also check them out on our DeviantArt: Lex and Lena.

The first drawings are made by Lex and the second drawings are done by Lena.

1 – Selfie Time!

01 - Selfie Time! 01 - Selfie Time!

2 – Dressed as a Princess02 02

3 – Chibi Pokémon03 03

4 – Easter0404

5 – Light and Darkness0505

6 – Happiness is…0606

7 – Pillow Fight!0707

8 – So Happy I Could Cry0808

9 – Snowball fight!0909

10 – Lost in Space1010

11 – There’s Something on your Face1111

12 – Board Game Fun1212

13 – Giant Pokémon1313

14 – Over the Rainbow1414

15 – Carnival1515

16 – Thunderstorm1616

17 – Crazy Weather1717

18 – Autumn1818

19 – High on Coffee1919

20 – Food Fight!2020

21 – Dreaming of Flying2121

22 – New Years2222

23 – High Up In The Sky


24 – Swimming in Chocolate2424

25 – Diving in the Ocean2525

26 – Different Emotions2626

27 – Robot Pokémon2727

28 – Halloween2828

29 – Yarr, Pirates!2929

30 – Summer3030

1 thought on “Gotta Sketch ’em All

  1. AvatarWouter

    Wauw dit is zo cool om naast elkaar te zien. Uiteraard zijn die van Lena allemaal een stukje higher quality, maar wat vooral tof is hoe jullie telkens een andere richting op zijn gegaan met de thema’s.


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