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I have never visited Turkey

I’d like to think my faithful readers were wondering why there was no I Never entry for February. Initially, I’d write something about how we only got back a few days earlier, but that was at least a week ago. Unfortunately, I fell pretty ill in the meantime, which delayed my posting. Plus, it was a pretty big post to write. But here it is anyway!

During the trip, I didn’t take many pictures, and most of the pictures I did take were with Lena’s phone. I did steal some pictures from her Facebook, so thanks bby <3


To provide a little background: back when Lena and I visited Melanie and Diederik to make sushi, we were also informed that Melanie was pregnant (and oddly enough with the same due date Lena had for Medley). While we were having dinner after playing in a Pokémon tournament, we discussed the holiday to Turkey they were planning (their last opportunity before their baby arrives), and possibilities for going with the four of us. Suffice to say, we concluded to join them on their trip and have some holiday time for ourselves too.

Day 0 – 1: Deventer – Opende – Antalya

Our journey started right after I was done working, on Tuesday February 22nd. After a quick meal and packing the final things, our family set off towards our first stops: dropping Medley off at her grandmother, and Lena and I staying the night at another grandmother.

The next morning, the real trip started. We received a ride to Schiphol, where we met up with Melanie and Diederik. This part started off hectic, with some difficulties scanning our tickets, long lines at the baggage check and more lines at the passport control. Lena and I got separated from Melanie and Diederik at the passport control, because we used our Dutch ID cards instead of passports, which prevented us from using the self-scan. Diederik ran ahead to our gate, while Melanie waited for us. As soon as we made it through, the three of us ran after Diederik. A check of the boarding information taught us that the plane was already boarding, but also that we were running to the wrong gate. So while trying to call Diederik, we turned around and made our way to the right gate. Fortunately, upon reaching the correct gate, we found that boarding hadn’t started yet and that we were even the first in line. We were soon joined by Diederik and we could finally fly off to Turkey!

Bye bye rain!

Fast-forward 7 hours and two time-zones, to landing in Antalya. After the usual exit-the-airport tasks, our translation troubles started. The bus that was supposed to quickly take us to a bus/tram terminal turned out to have a way longer route than we thought. And when we finally made it to the terminal, the trams turned out to have stopped driving at that hour. The good thing was that taxis in Turkey are very cheap, and a quick trip took us to our beds: a guesthouse in the old city of Antalya.

With all the rushing and traveling, we hadn’t had a chance for a proper dinner, so we headed off into the city. Antalya’s old city felt very much like what you’d expect from a Mediterranean city: heavy use of stucco, ornamental iron and many orange trees (thank you random website for teaching me the terms). This is where I took my first picture of the holiday:

It took some time, but a little after 3 am, we found a place to eat a hot meal. The journey had left Melanie confused, because she accidentally ordered meat. But we shuffled some food between us and it all turned out fine. Straight after, perhaps around 4 am, we finally got to bed after a long, long day.

Day 2: Antalya – Fethiye

The plan wasn’t to stay in Antalya for long. Melanie and Diederik had been here before, and they preferred to go to a new place. So after resting up, checking out some of the local bazaars (“kijken, kijken, niet kopen”) and eating delicious ice cream, we took a bus to Fethiye.

It was a long ride, over the top of some gorgeous mountains. You know you’re up high if you have to chew gum just to keep your ears popped. But the views were amazing. We made it to above the snow line and were served some beautiful scenery.  It always reminds me how lucky we are not to have mountains in the Netherlands, because it makes these sights all the more special.


But time moved quickly and it was almost dinner time when we arrived. We quickly jumped into a guesthouse called Status, which was a grave mistake. It was extremely dirty, with stains everywhere and a wet spot covered with a spare patch of carpet on the floor in our bedroom. I didn’t even dare try the shower, fearing what I might find there.

Now, these first two days were very stressful, what with the rushed flights, long traveling and Turkey’s culture of loud “singing” early morning made us pretty weary. Add to that this dirty guesthouse, and our holiday spirit was quickly dwindling. We were getting pretty desperate, even considering our possibilities of flying home the next day.

But  we decided on something else.

Day 3: Fethiye

Lena and I stayed in the guesthouse this morning, while Melanie and Diederik took a hike through some local mountains. After some extra sleep, we too got up and headed for the city. We had a McDonalds brunch and some pricey coffee and cake after. Using the coffeehouse’s wifi and despite already having paid for the second night at Status, we booked an apartment at Kilim Apart Hotel.

That was the best decision we could have made. We grabbed our things from the guesthouse and took a leisurely stroll to our next destination, where, to our surprise, we were greeted in Dutch. Turns out that the man checking us in originally came from Belgium. The hotel was also popular with Dutch and Belgian guests.

We came across chickens while going there. Lena insisted I be on a picture with them, so here you go

Anyway, once we were let into our apartment, we were so happy! The apartment was very large, with a two-person master bedroom and a main room functioning as a kitchen, dining room and bedroom with two extra beds. We had two balconies and the view on all sides was amazing. And this was the only place we stayed that had bed sheets like we’re used to (as opposed to the carpet-like covers we slept under in all other places). And the best part was that it was barely more expensive than the gross Status guesthouse.

You’d think three pictures is a bit much, but we were just so happy with this place!

For the night, we took it easy. We went shopping at a nearby supermarket, made pasta for the two of us and had Melanie and Diederik over for some board games.

Day 4: Fethiye

For our final full day in Fethiye, we went out of the city. Melanie and Diederik had rented a car and had already done some research on hiking possibilities. Our first stop: Tlos, an old ruin Melanie and Diederik had already visited the day before, but did not want us to miss out on. It was very cool to visit. We managed to get to the top of an amphitheater, which was a really impressive sight. When you look at it from the bottom, it doesn’t look so big, but from the top you can really appreciate the enormity of the structure.

The view from the top

I like this picture because we look derpy C:

All four travelers

We found actual ancient Greek inscriptions in a rock. I tried to translate it a bit, but it seems my Greek is as worn as the rock itself!

Lena and I also managed to get up on part of the structure and in Assassin’s Creed style make our way to the other end of it. Melanie made a video, which I’ll add if I get it.

From Tlos, we headed to Kadyanda, only stopping at a small ruin on our way. When we were near Kadyanda, we parked half-way to the top of a mountain and started hiking the final part. During the whole of the vacation, this was the most I Never-y part of them all. Not only had I never hiked 5 km up and down a mountain, we also took an off-road shortcut while climbing up and I drank water from a fountain getting its water straight from the source. It was refreshing and delicious.


Apparently, it’s a hiker thing to make little towers of rocks to show other hikers that you’re on the right track. Of course I had to join in. Not that it added much, since we only walked on paved roads. Oh well.

Once at the top of the mountain, we took the tour of Kadyanda, another old ruin. This one was left very much untouched and there were no other people there. We walked along the path, past the agora, the necropolis, a temple, an athletic court and all other kinds of ancient buildings. The most impressive place however was the amphitheater in this place. Because of the season and the altitude, there were no bugs and no birds. The thick foliage and long distance from civilization meant that at that place, there was absolute silence. It was the most majestic thing I’d ever experienced, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Definitely one of the best highlights of the trip.

Enjoy the silence

Anyway, after the scenic tour and descent from the mountain, we had dinner at Kadyanda, a restaurant that was apparently popular with tourists. The main course was good, but most of all I remember the chicken soup, which was marvelous. Anyway, after dinner we drove home and got to bed. The next day would be traveling day again.

Day 5: Fethiye – Marmaris

On day 5 we went to our final city: Marmaris. Luckily, this journey was a lot shorter than the previous one and we arrived in Marmaris at a good hour. It was Sunday by now and Lena and I were still pretty tired from the long hike the day before. However, Lena was looking for new shirts, so we went into the nearby bazaar and walked all around it. Something that really stood out were the huge amounts of cats that were there. We had seen lots of cats everywhere thus far, but on this day we saw more cats than any other day. The best part was when a shopkeeper came out with a long stick with a sausage on the end and fed it to a Maine coon in a roof gutter. Nothing to make Lena happier.

Our little friends. You can’t see it in this picture, but there were shadows of cats walking on top of the roof.

Anyway, our dinner experience was pretty interesting. Our main course passed without strange incidents, but after ordering our desserts, we saw an employee run out of the restaurant and into the Sok market across the street. When he got back, we got our desserts, still in the plastic, served on a plate. After dinner we hopped into the same supermarket and got some extra ^^

After more board games at the hotel, this day came to an end.

Day 6: Marmaris

With two more days left, we decided to split up again this day. Melanie and Diederik went off hiking again, while Lena and I took to the city. Though the day started off grey, the sun came through shortly after we left for the city. Though we didn’t do anything spectacular, we had a very nice day around the harbor. We bought some super-legit Pokemon Go TCG cards, which we opened at a cafe. At the same cafe, Lena was very quick to make a friend:

This is how I found her when I came to the table with our coffee

We also visited the castle for some culture, checking out some ancient artifacts. Lena bought cat-food and quickly found a following of cats who kept begging her for more and more food. All in all, it was a very nice and relaxing day.

I bet this was Lena’s favorite moment

After Melanie and Diederik came back from their hiking, we joined them as they had dinner at the place we had dinner before earlier that day, after which the four of us went for a cocktail. Because we wanted to have some more fun on the final day, we called it a night after that.

Day 7: Marmaris

For our final day in Turkey, we tried to rent a boat. The day before, Lena and I had talked to a man who offered boat tours, so we went back to him to arrange everything. After everything was set though, he had a little surprise for us: we would be getting a sixty-person boat, with a beautiful sun-deck where we could lounge throughout the trip. The boat took us past a fish farm, beaches, a cave and across the bay. The weather was again beautiful. We could see far enough to notice the curvature of the earth on the horizon. It really was an excellent activity to end the journey on.

But it wasn’t completely over. Instead of going back to our starting point, we requested to be dropped off at the final sight of the boat tour: a tourist town called Icmeler. We wanted to check the town, but it turned out that because the tourist season hadn’t started yet, there wasn’t anything open yet. We did find some orange trees and I shook some oranges out, which was oddly satisfying. Unfortunately, I threw it away after a single bite: it was the sourest thing I’d ever tasted! Later Melanie told us that the town of Icmeler was apparently known for its sour oranges. Still, it was fun.

From Icmeler, we walked a bit into the mountains, towards an old abandoned hotel that we saw from the boat. The captain told us that construction of the hotel had started in the 90s, but it was never finished. It looked very spooky from afar and we wanted to walk around in the haunted hotel.

On the way there we walked past a set of abandoned apartments, just a bit off the road. From what we could tell, they had once been completed and they probably have seen use, but by now they were a hangout for the local youth. One of the apartments looked better maintained than the rest, complete with a usable bed, which we assume was used by a hobo some time ago. It’s a shame the apartments were abandoned though, the view from the building was gorgeous.

A piece of the mountain had fallen off during a storm behind the apartments. Perhaps it’s for the best that there’s nobody staying there.

Anyway, we made our way to the big hotel, but were stopped by a small guardhouse with a dog. Apparently the local authorities didn’t want strangers snooping around those parts. We settled on sitting on the rocks to enjoy the view for a while, before going back for our final dinner.

For dinner, we sat down at one of the restaurants near the harbor, where Lena, Melanie and Diederik ate a big, freshly-caught fish. The local cats were begging us for food, so we took the head of the fish with us and fed it to some cats later on.

It’s this cat’s lucky day!

But it was the final day, and we had quite a trip planned for the next day, so we went to bed early.

Day 8: Marmaris – Opende

Unfortunately, our trip back wasn’t the easiest one. I was starting to feel a bit sick, probably having caught a cold during the big mountain hike, and the trip just seemed to take forever.

The first part still went pretty smooth. Melanie and Diederik had again rented a car, which they used to drive us to Dalamar Airport. However, once we got passed security, there appeared to have been a mix-up in the flights. Our tickets said we should take flight PC4279 at 14:55. The signs however said that flight was supposed to have left at 8:20, but had a delay until 17:20. There was another flight scheduled to leave at 14:55 with a delay until 15:20, but we weren’t allowed on that one, because it was the wrong flight number. Luckily a stewardess overheard our conversation with the information people and told us to go the booth of our airline company to have it re-booked. While the man there was setting that up for us, the amount of people there kept growing, but we did eventually get a ticket for the earlier flight (with extra legroom, so silver lining!).

Unfortunately, our quick arrival in Istanbul didn’t really amount to anything, because our next flight was delayed by an hour and a half, on top of the two-and-a-half hours we already would have had to wait. We spent our time getting some dinner, walking around, grabbing Turkish fruit samples and eventually settling near a power outlet to play Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton.

After a very long wait, we could finally fly home. It must’ve been past 12 am when we landed. Lena’s mother picked us up, so we didn’t have to drive home, which was good, because neither of us were in a state to drive. When we finally got back, around 2:30 am (which to us felt like 4:30), we fell asleep in no time.


So much happened in our week abroad. We had highs and we had lows. In the end, we liked it a lot, but we think we would prefer to go back at a later time. The weather was better than back home, but it wasn’t my ideal temperature (my ideal being hot enough to wear a t-shirt all day, but not melting hot). Also, because we were there during low season, a lot of the fun things weren’t open yet, though that did mean it was more quiet. Except for the mosques’ early singing. That’s never quiet.

Anyway, if we were to go again, it’ll probably be more around March or early April. But there’s plenty of other destinations we want to visit first and I’m sure all about those travels will be on here again. Until the next time, good night!

Gotta Sketch ’em All

We did it! Over the course of the last 30 days, Lena and I drew a total of 151 different Pokémon! Like always, there were highs and there were lows, but I sure can look back at this project and say it was a good one. When looking back at day 1, all the way through to today, the quality of the pictures is somewhat improving. I also feel like learned a lot over the course of drawing. For example, I learned that most Pokémon have a total of three claws per leg. I also learned that for every Pokémon, there are at least 3 fan-made Mega evolutions (seriously, why?). And I think I’ve seen a real-life version of every single one as well. And, in the end, I think I learned some things to improve my drawing skills.

The Results

Also check them out on our DeviantArt: Lex and Lena.

The first drawings are made by Lex and the second drawings are done by Lena.

1 – Selfie Time!

01 - Selfie Time! 01 - Selfie Time!

2 – Dressed as a Princess02 02

3 – Chibi Pokémon03 03

4 – Easter0404

5 – Light and Darkness0505

6 – Happiness is…0606

7 – Pillow Fight!0707

8 – So Happy I Could Cry0808

9 – Snowball fight!0909

10 – Lost in Space1010

11 – There’s Something on your Face1111

12 – Board Game Fun1212

13 – Giant Pokémon1313

14 – Over the Rainbow1414

15 – Carnival1515

16 – Thunderstorm1616

17 – Crazy Weather1717

18 – Autumn1818

19 – High on Coffee1919

20 – Food Fight!2020

21 – Dreaming of Flying2121

22 – New Years2222

23 – High Up In The Sky


24 – Swimming in Chocolate2424

25 – Diving in the Ocean2525

26 – Different Emotions2626

27 – Robot Pokémon2727

28 – Halloween2828

29 – Yarr, Pirates!2929

30 – Summer3030

We have never sketched 151 Pokémon

There’s not much to say about this challenge. Lena suggested it a while back, and I’m going to try this out throughout April. The idea is ludicrously simple: randomly sort the list of the original 151 Pokémon (because drawing in order has been done to death) and draw 5 each day. And to mix it up even more, each day we have a random theme from one of the Artist vs. Artist challenges from the most recent Hearth’s Warming Con.

Execution is definitely going to be tricky, as I’m not a great artist and this is a large amount of Pokémon I have to draw in all sorts of poses and settings. Still, I won’t back down! Luckily, I have Lena to support and accompany me (yes, she’ll do the same challenge much better).

So, as of tomorrow, you can expect daily pictures from the both of us.

Follow our progress over on my DeviantArt and Lena’s DeviantArt.

We have never slept in our own house

This post was originally written two days after we got the keys to our new house. With the amount of work involved in moving to our new house, as well as the impact of finding out Lena’s pregnant, I did not find the time to perform a final edit. You may see this as my “I Never missed a month of I Never”. You won’t have to miss anything though, because I’ll run an October version of I Never as well.

Well over a year ago, I posted my first I Never entry. A lot has happened since then.

Back then, I just started living on my own, having only recently been a student living in a shared apartment and at my mother’s house for a few months. In terms of furniture, I had just a bed, a desk, an office chair and a television. My mode of transport was my trusty bike and public transport for anything outside of the city, with occasional access to my mother’s car. My house was my own house, for the first time ever.

Months passed, and my life expanded. It started with no longer living just by myself. Public transport got replaced. I Never became We Never. And earlier this year, the love of my life moved in with me.

But that’s not where it ends.

Our home had some downsides. A few neighbors had frequent, loud quarrels. One of the neighbors across the street modified a bicycle to hold a huge stereo installation and did not hesitate to play his awful music at maximum volume at any time of the day (or night). Two cars have been set ablaze just this year. Our living room becomes a sauna throughout Summer. The list goes on and on.

For me, these issues were not a big concern. During the day, I was at work. In the evenings, I was mainly gaming with my headset on. And on my free days, I was away to events all over the country.

But when Lena moved in with me, things had to change.

So around June, we started looking for a new place to live. Our first step was to apply for rental houses, but waiting lists for Deventer are around two years. Though we cannot remember how we decided to try for it, we started looking at buying a house.

We fell in love with the first house we visited. But, being careful, we decided we would visit some other houses first, so we can compare. After a few weeks, we had visited a whole lot of places, including a full day of visiting 10 different houses.

Our conclusion: the first one was the best.

After checking on our financial options with mortgage advisers, we scheduled a second visit, where we would make a bid.

But someone beat us to it. The house was sold. We had to start looking again. It was rough, because none of the places we visited were as good as that first house.

But then, near the end of a Friday in the middle of July, we got a call from the sales broker. The buyer was unable to get the funding they needed. The house was once again for sale.

There was no hesitation. We scheduled a visit for the very first possible moment: Monday morning at 9 o’clock. We placed a bid and the very same day, we had an agreement with the selling party.

We went through all the paperwork: requesting the mortgage, signing contracts, forms and documents going everywhere, eventually reaching its peak on September 2nd, 14:00.

At that moment, we signed the final agreements and got our keys. At that moment, we officially became home owners.

After the final documents, we finally were able to go to our new house. We already had some people lined up for that day to help us move in. Our goal was to sleep in the new house the same day. We moved in three beds, two couches, Lena’s television, a washing machine, a furnace and small fridge. In the evening we moved Kira, Jolie and Levi over.

Basically, from day one, we lived there.

The start was a bit rough. Both Lena and I were pretty stressed with moving , so we were also a bit on edge. Our new house, though much better than our old one, still has a few short-comings, such as the top floor walls being very thin. It won’t be a problem for most of the time, but we’ll have to get used to the sounds and being quieter when guests are over. And when there’s light on in the room next to ours, we can’t sleep, as both doors have glass above them.

But the important thing here is that this is our own house, and if we want to do something about it, we can do so.

And it’s not like it’s a bad place. We’re very glad to be there. Both floors are extremely spacious, with enough room for ourselves and our cats. The neighborhood is a lot better than the one we come from. And we’re also more easily reachable by public transport, living only a 5 minute walk from Deventer Colmschate train station.

In the end, moving is not a great time, but I look forward to our years in this house.

We have never danced

Almost a year ago, I wrote about my adventures in Germany. Two weeks ago, Lena, Baree and I headed off for another go at Galacon.

This year was different, of course. The biggest difference was a shift in our responsibilities. Last year, I managed about 18 people and 5 different cars in an attempt to get everyone a good trip to the convention. And on top of that, Lena, Moontune and I were responsible for staffing the Hearth’s Warming Con stand near the main entrance of the venue.

This year, we only managed our own car (and it was mostly Lena doing that, who did a very good job getting that sorted). And Hearth’s Warming Con did not have a full booth, but only a voting box (also great work from Lena) and some flyers. Ok, a lot of flyers.


To make up for this sudden large amount of freedom that I would not be able to handle, I decided to apply as volunteer for the convention, with Lena joining me for volunteer duty. Lena got assigned to guard a set of panels, while my main task was to assist during the signing sessions, as well as some tasks at the registration booth in the early moments of the convention and some miscellaneous vendor help.

For me, as always, I liked being among people. Having played increasingly big roles in the conventions that I have attended, I have earned the privilege of experiencing that moment of “I recognize your face, but where did we meet again,” while for others I ran into them yet another time. I particularly enjoyed meeting and working with Stargaze and Sundance, whom I haven’t seen since Galacon 2014, and only for just a brief moment back then.

On the other hand,  I like that there’s always new people you meet at these big gatherings. Being a volunteer, you get to work with cool people, but as a signing session guard, I also got to meet some special guests,  specificallyJayson and Jocelan Thiessen, for whom I recorded the amount of signatures they gave out. We talked about various things and I learned that there is particularly good food in Vancouver. Remembered for later.

The absolute highlight this year, however, was the gala evening. Originally, I had a volunteer shift during that event, but Stargaze was so kind as to let me enjoy the evening with Lena. The performance of Michelle and BlackGryphon, which was good, but not as appropriate for a gala evening, was followed up by MLP-themed piano music.

Right then and there, for the first time ever, Lena and I danced. It may have appeared as shuffling while hugging to an outsider, but for me, none of that mattered. That night was our night and we were enjoying it to its fullest.


I realize this may be a bit of a chaotic I Never post, but it was just an awesome experience, especially when compared to last year’s Galacon.

I’m looking forward to our next con.


P.S. Lena wants me to mention our height difference. It is quite a gap, isn’t it? Not enough to stop me from loving her though ^^

We have never attempted the Alphabetical Eating Challenge

If you hate people posting pictures of their food, you may not like this blog post. Because it will be mostly pictures of what me and Lena will eat over the next few days.

Then again, food is what this month’s I Never is all about.

I remember thinking of this silly project called the Alphabetical Eating Challenge over lunch while I was still working with SST Software in Enschede. Starting tomorrow, several years after the initial idea, I will attempt this challenge.

The rules are as follows:

You start, obviously, at A. At this moment you are only allowed to eat (or drink) things that start with the letter A. After you’ve eaten something starting with A, you may decide at any time to continue to B, even during your meal, but only as long as you have finished whatever A-food you were eating. Then, after having eaten something with B, you may continue to C any time you want. Continue until you finish the entire alphabet.

In other words: you are only allowed to eat and drink things starting with a certain letter and you must eat or drink at least one thing that starts with that letter before going to the next letter. You may, however, stay at a letter for as long as you like.

Of course, back when I devised this plan, I didn’t expect to have a girlfriend while attempting it. Despite being skeptical at first, Lena decided to even join me in this endeavor, which turned out to add an interesting twist: while I am trying this in English, she will go through the letters in Dutch.

What is the purpose of this? It may seem like a physical challenge, but it’s mostly a challenge of creativity. A cucumber may start with a C, but when combined with a tomato and some dressing, it becomes a salad. And tea can become a Cup of tea by simply changing the way you think about it. The only rules are those outlined above: it’s up to you what counts or doesn’t count as your letter.

I’m planning to provide daily updates of our progress as edits to this blog post. Of course, these updates will be mostly in the form of the aforementioned food pictures. Stay tuned for the real post to start tomorrow!

Day 1: A – I


Breakfast: apples, bread, butter and bologna (or boterhamworst in Dutch).


Yummy, coffee and donuts. I even was allowed some caramel syrup in my coffee 😀


It’s important to drink enough. Enjoying some Dubbelfris (a Dutch light kind of juice).


I’m pretty sure that the English translation for Deventer koek is still Deventer koek. Ok, Wikipedia say it’s Deventer honey cake. Whatever, still a D.


We still have a jar of small chocolate Easter Eggs laying around. A perfect opportunity! Also time to enjoy some Fristi.


I was getting a bit hungry and dinner wasn’t going to be ready all too soon, so Lena made a filet americain sandwich <3


Dinner: goulash!


After-dinner snack: Hamka’s (but then the cheap variant)


And because I should drink enough: some Ice Tea that was left over from D&D last weekend to end the day on. As expected, we’re moving through the letters fast enough to be done within two or three days. However, the most challenging letters are still ahead… And starting tomorrow, I’ll be working again, so we may slow down. Nevertheless, we’re still going strong and not giving up!

Day 2: I – M


Like I predicted, we slowed down when it comes to letters. Breakfast was Iced Cappuccino and a jelly sandwich.


A quick cup of juice before heading to work.


Snack-time at work were a kiwi and Kitkat mini.


And all I ever see, is just a cup of lemon tea.


Lunch! Mozzarella sandwich!


Always make sure to drink enough. I was lucky to find some mango tea at work as well.


I realized I was allowed to eat M&M’s 😛


This one is Lena’s. She’s used this project as an opportunity to eat all kinds of chocolate XD




This is something you don’t usually get in the Netherlands: mint lemonade. My mom found this in Germany and decided to bring it for me so I can use it cocktails (which I did).

Day 3: M – R

Today was rough. Q is a difficult letter, even more so while at work. Still, we made it through another day and another few letters.


I think this speaks for itself.




I even managed to eat some fruit during this challenge in the form of this orange.


And orange soda too!


Some prawn crackers to snack on while preparing dinner.


The difficult one for today: quesadillas! Never had them before, but they turned out quite nicely (except for the half-burned one where I had to remove the outer layer of tortilla).


And I was getting quite thirsty, so some Roosvicee to end the day on. We’ll probably finish the last few letters tomorrow, including the very difficult U, X and Z (there’s a sneak peak in the above image). Stay tuned for the finale!

Day 4: S – Z


Starting the day with a sandwich with sugar.

20150423_075927 20150423_094241

Then some tea at work. Today I was lucky enough to be able to drink both Turkish Apple and Tropical Fruit tea.


Lunch consisted of Unox knakworst (or frankfurter) on bread, together with a Vanilla coke and some Verkade buscuits. U seemed pretty difficult, but by allowing brands, turned out not so big of a deal.


Finally, I was allowed some water.


One of the trickiest letters: X. This was the one we feared most. With the help of, we were able to find a solution. Of the six drinks starting with X, Lena picked the above-pictured Xanthor’s Pants. Unfortunately, Lena had to leave before I came back home, which means she was not able to taste it. It was nice: a bit strong, but very tasty. Of course, given the time, I opted to make one with decaffeinated coffee.


Yoghurt. The reason it looks so green is because I mixed mint syrup in. Now is the time to try things out. It was ok. Maybe it didn’t bother me much because I still felt the strong drink.


Finally: a pack of Zuivelhoeve yoghurt.

These have been a fun four days. Sometimes they were tough, when we had to carefully plan our food. Sometimes they were unhealthy or expensive. However, it was fun to do and I learned a few things, like how to make quesadillas and that I do actually like Ice tea. But for now, I’m happy to eat whatever I want again.

Then, on to our next project: finish everything we couldn’t eat!

We have never had a relationship

Ladies and gentlemen, my precious followers. It’s with great joy that I can introduce my new blog fellow and other weird person. You know her as unnamed driver while going to Galacon or the girl dragging me to Walibi. Please welcome: Lena Poortvliet!

HI. I LOVE USING CAPS. I was gently forced to write stuff, so I wll try.Acutally I have no idea what so say so I’ll just cry. I like pink.


Yeah, we’re not very good at this.

We are super awkward. Just look at it.


Even the browser crashed while uploading this.

11.27 Awkward