A lot of people can confirm that I’m busy a lot. While some of my projects are very open and visible, I got a lot of miscellaneous projects going on as well, even though¬†by going on I usually mean that I once started on it, got too busy with other things and effectively abandoned it after that. Some of the items on this list may never make it out of the backlog again, but I stay hopeful that someday I may pick it up again.

Study Tour Noodle 2012

Status: completed
The biggest thing I’ve been a part of: a seven-week adventure to Korea and China. I became one of two travel coordinators, which meant that during the two weeks our group spent in Korea, I was responsible for the entire program: food, accommodation and most importantly: visits to prestigious Korean companies and Universities. This has truly been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and I’ve learned many a lesson during this time.

Hearth’s Warming Con 2015

Status: ongoing
Besides my day-to-day job, this is the biggest project I currently have on my hands. After my job as travel coordinator for Noodle 2012, this presented itself as an excellent opportunity to organize an event. There is always a lot to be done, but each of those things is a big learning experience.

I Never

Status: ongoing
I Never is a project that I came up with during my time in Weesp. At that time, there wasn’t much of interest going on, so I imagined a project where each month, I would do something I have never done before. When I moved to Deventer to live on my own for the first time, I decided to start this project. Although originally imagined as a video log, I started on this blog with text and pictures.

Trading Game

Status: ongoing
The trading game is a challenge between my ¬†sister and myself where we started with a simple item and tried trading that for increasingly valuable items. We’re not too far yet, but it’s more about having fun together than actually getting something huge (although it would be nice if we managed to go far with this).

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