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Hey there! I’m Lex, or Magical7 in some circles, and I’m the guy behind the magical7.com website!

A picture of me!

This site is my gateway for sharing whatever projects I’m working on with whoever is interested in reading about them. The two biggest projects you’ll find are I Never and game development.

I Never is a discontinued project in which I tried something I had never done before every month. The intended goal was to force myself into doing new things in a fun way and I sort of succeeded. However, the added work and monthly deadline distracted me from the true purpose, which lead me to quit this project. All previous entries of I Never are still available on the site.

I have also picked up game development as a pastime. Playing games has always been a passion of mine, and with a background in website development and an interest in game design, I decided to try my hand at making my own games. You can check out the Games page to find out about the games I have created.

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